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ACI - The Industry Leader in Pagers and Paging Systems.

Since 1992, American Cellular, Inc. has been the primary distributor of brand names of new and reconditioned alpha numeric, voice pagers & beepers to hospitals, universities, colleges, fire departments, firefighters, government and nursing facilities. We supply brand new Motorola, Daviscomms, Unication and Apollo alpha, numeric and voice pagers with one (1) year warranties. ACI provides in-house pagers and in-house paging systems.We supply the entire Apollo series (narrowband/wideband) and the entire Motorola series including the Minitar V and Advisor II.  ACI also furnishes the Unication series Elegant, Gold and Legend Plus (narrowband) and Daviscomms BR802 and BR502. Our pricing is extremely competitive. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality equipment new or refurbished, thoroughly reviewed by our Ramsey Certified Technical Staff. We support our customers with timely repairs, replacements and new sales needs. ACI realizes you have options so our objective is to give you the best quality in sales, equipment and service and our customers feeling appreciated.

Special promotions are available as well as volume discounts. Click Here to order any of the following equipment you require: VHF, UHF, 900 Pocsag or 900 Flex.

♦  ACI provides In-House Paging Systems for waiting areas, assisted living facilities and hospitals.

♦  ACI has developed Telemetry products for government needs, such as overflows in sewers, pumpstations and other environments utilizing underground cellular technology.

♦  ACI also provides Fire Department and Firefighters Minitar and Apollo Voice pagers to support FCC narrowband/wideband requirements.


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American Cellular Inc., ACI, supplies Motorola, Unication, Daviscomms, Swissphone and Apollo new and reconditioned pagers to hospitals, universities, colleges, firefighters, fire stations, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and government.