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Watch Pager_________________________________________________________________

Alpha-numeric, numeric, voice, narrowband, hospital, universities, fire departments


  The ultimate pager for people on the go.
  Get the message quickly and easily.
  No more fumbling or dropping.
  The pager is right where it belongs, on your wrist.

  Can be used on private or public paging systems, numeric or alpha service.




  • 4-Line, 6-line, or 8-line Alphanumeric Display
    (User adjustable via Zoom Feature)
  • No batteries needed - Internal Lithium battery
  • Recharge via AC adapter (included) or PC
  • Up to one week between recharges
  • Back-light on demand
  • 20 Personal messages memory slots
  • Multiple audio alerts
  • Alert modes: Sound, Vibe, Sound & Vibe, Silent
  • Alarm Clock and Stopwatch features
  • Hand-programmable for capcode, baud and frequency
    (Pocsag models only)
  • Includes durable, breathable watch band
  • Month, Date, Year, Time Display on demand
  • Auto or manual scroll
  • Auto Sleep mode
  • 3,000 character memory capacity
  • 8 Capcodes
  • Reminder Alert
  • Message Time Stamp
  • Selective Message Lock / Delete
  • Available in VHF, UHF, & 900 MHz
  • Available in Flex or Pocsag formats
  • Watch face: 1.75" x 1.5", Weight: 1.5 oz.
  • Please call for pricing